YouWho Customer Profiles

Name Badges are funny – you consider them once, and then start noticing them EVERYWHERE! They are practically synonymous with good customer service, and every shop, hotel, park and bank worth its salt is wearing them. Working with so many different types of organizations and people is probably our favorite part about working in the name badge business. We adore hearing our customers’ stories, and learning about how a name badge fits into their lives.

Wearing a YouWho™ Name Badge offers many advantages, but different benefits mean more to each of us. We hope this section will help you connect with how a YouWho™ name badge can benefit you. Please check back soon for more profiles and video testimonials.


Ambitious Young Urban Professional

  • I want to get noticed
  • I go to a TON of events and I’m always networking
  • I believe that personal branding is the key to success
  • Always connected with my smartphone
  • YouWho™ name badges are as hip as me


Friendly Retail Business Owner

  • I’m proud to own my own business
  • I’m extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Our store logo was designed with care
  • Our customers mean the world to us
  • YouWho™ badges help us encourage customer loyalty