About YouWho Badges

Name Badges For All

YouWho™ Name Badges was founded upon the following assumption:

Name badges are for everybody.

We’ve been in the B2B name badge business for 30 years with the Imprint Plus brand. And, we met a lot of people. Some worked for the corporation and big companies that Imprint Plus supplied, but most didn’t.  Most of the folks we met were sales professionals, small retail shop owners, consultants, coaches, motivational speakers, mom-preneurs, event planners, dentists, doctors, lawyers, parents, and friends. These are the entrepreneurs who make things happen in their communities; the local faces that you see on a daily basis. These ambitious people all had one thing in common – they wanted great-looking name badges.

But, up to that point, the innovative Imprint Plus name badge system had only been available to larger companies via the manufacturer. So, we began the long process of scaling down and reconfiguring our name tag system, all the while keeping our eye on the price point and value.

Today the introduction of YouWho™ in retail stores and on major e-tail sites marks the first time that the Imprint Plus professional name badge system is available to everyone. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, everyone can create custom name tags featuring his/her own brand. It’s the same unparalleled name badge trusted by Fortune 500 companies the world over, but packaged with your needs in mind.

YouWho™ Name Badge Kits allow the user to create and expand his/her personal brand via a custom professional name badge. The YouWho™  name badge has all the bells and whistles of an engraved badge, but can be made by anyone. No machines, and no wait times.

The world is a friendlier place when you wear a name badge, so try YouWho™ on for size.

Brand Pillars

The YouWho™ brand rests on the following pillars:

  • Professionalism: Our name badge offers the same look & feel as an engraved badge; it’s the most professional-looking name tag available at retail today
  • Quality: Testament is the same name badge worn by many of the world’s top retailers and hotels, not re-packaged for individual use
  • Innovative Design: The ground-breaking design of the YouWho™ name badge system is validated by countless awards and patents
  • Fun: This is the entire  point of YouWho™! Both the process of designing the badge and the act of wear it are exciting
  • Customer Satisfaction: We have and always will pride ourselves on our happy customers; please reach out if there’s anything we can help you with