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YouWho has a new online home

  • YouWho™ People – This section of the site is for and about you. We are going to profile different customers with different perspectives, and share them with you via social media and on our site. Stay tuned for more profiles.
  • Blog – At YouWho™, we love to blog. Come back often to check out our badge-a-day features and more.
  • Design Your Badge – NEW to YouWho™. Our innovative name badge design software, NamePrint Graphics, is now available online. This is the beta version, so please bear with us while we iron out the kinks.
  • Tech Support – Need some help creating your perfect name badge? Click here to get tips and tricks, and download full manuals.
  • Contact – Visit this page if you need to speak with us directly. The website never closes, so it’s often the best and fastest way to reach us.

Please take some time to explore the new site and everything it has to offer. If you notice something that could be tweaked or improved, please send us your feedback. The YouWho™ website is a living, breathing thing, and our goal with this site is to be as responsive as possible. Stay in touch via  Twitter, and like us on Facebook! But, more importantly, please make sure to check back often. The site will be maintained and updated on a regular basis.

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